It was July 4th and we were back in Adelaide for a few days before returning home.  This is an important day for our American friends and one which calls for celebration and feasting – whether you are in the US or in Australia.  Thus we  were invited by some old friends who live on an olive farm south of Adelaide, and the very date gave Pat, who is from the Midwest, cause to put on a typical American Independence Day luncheon.

First we went to the Central Market which is an enormous market in the centre of Adelaide and which stocks anything you may wish for.  Whenever I go there my eyes water at the choice on offer and again I realise how disadvantaged we are in the Far North when it comes to produce.

IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1802

We chose several delicacies and some flowers to take with us to Myponga and an hour later we arrived at the olive farm.


It was the most beautiful day and the farm is in a lovely area with stunning views of the hills and the sea beyond.


Inside the house we found decorations which left us in no doubt that a US citizen lives here!  It reminded me a little of Christmas actually.  The smells from the kitchen were enticing as well.


A beautifully set table for us all to experience new tastes – on offer were ribs, corn, sausages in blankets, slow cooked beans and a gelatine salad.

IMG_5625 IMG_5627 IMG_5626 IMG_5624 IMG_5623


So we settled in to a hearty lunch and amusing conversation with stories dating back to years spent in Papua New Guinea prior to Adelaide.  Lots of reminiscing.


A little tour of the olive trees followed and a gift of the simply wonderful Sugu Plantation olive oil produced in house.  It was a lovely end to a perfect day.



The following day we drove to Hahndorf in the hills and on the way stopped at Mt. Lofty for the view which is amazing and stretches for miles and miles.

IMG_5631 IMG_5630

Finally we had coffee in an unusual coffee shop in Glenelg and were fascinated to see these stools – where apparently you can do a cycle workout whilst sipping your cappuccino or Latte!  Nice one Adelaide!


It was a fitting end to our South Australian adventure – which could be also called “A Foodies Gourmet Trail” and we returned with lots of seafood and several deli items.

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