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My husband used to call me a “Hong Kong Pom” – in other words an English born Hong Kong bred girl! Pom can be an affectionate term but it used to be quite derogatory – meaning “Prisoner Of His Majesty” and dating back to the convict days of Australia. I prefer to think his terminology was an affectionate one! When I first came to Australia in 1968 Poms were often known as “whingers” and never happy with their lot. So, you can understand that I preferred to say I was from Hong Kong, whereupon people would look at me and expect someone of Asian appearance. Life was complicated!

I grew up in that beautiful Colony of Hong Kong during the colonial days. My entire childhood was spent there and, indeed, I commenced studies at Hong Kong University after studying at secondary school in the UK. I studied French and Spanish and was the only European in my year. I had many Chinese friends and felt equally at home in both cultures.

After working in London and then Switzerland for a couple of years I returned to London and worked for Paramount Pictures, an American Film Company which was, at that time, making films in Europe. I met many famous film personalities and loved my job but eventually I decided to spread my wings and went to Australia – “for a couple of years” I told my friends.

Here I am, some 40 years later still in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In the beginning I tasted life in the Outback followed by a stint as an Air Hostess based in the city of Melbourne and finally worked in a variety of positions in tourism in North Queensland which is where I now call “Home”.

I have a beautiful family and am lucky enough to indulge in a number of interests including photography, food, history, music, reading, travel, yoga and art. Travelling has been part of my life forever and this year we have planned several shorter trips within Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Blogging is one way of keeping friends and family up to date and so here I am, getting a head start!

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  1. Hi Alison, nice to meet you. I also would love to read more of your stories, especially about what happened in Africa!
    Thanks so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Cheers, and happy travels

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