Fog greeted us on our first morning, a fog which was thick enough not to be able to navigate the river but which lifted quickly and created an ethereal mist which was quite beautiful drifting amongst the trees.

IMG_1793 IMG_1790


Driving was easy and we all had a turn; at only 4 – 6 knots we seemed to glide along the river and there were no other craft about.  This is not the season for houseboats but we loved it for being so quiet and not having to worry about speedboats and water skiers!


The beautiful red cliffs at Big Bend were awe inspiring and went on for miles.


Pelicans were everywhere, either in flocks or swimming serenely on their own.  They were not at all disturbed by us passing by and tended to ignore our presence even when we tried to entice them with fish.


Late on afternoon we decided to walk along the river bed and climb up one of the cliffs.  It was a beautiful walk amongst the gum trees and bushy scrub with little wildflowers here and there.


This cliff looks as though it needs holding up!


Our “home” successfully tied up for the night – next was to find firewood at which Rob excelled and our fires each night were spectacular.

IMG_1742 IMG_1749

So were the sunsets…..IMG_1775

We never tired of river scenes – in fact there was so much to see we didn’t have time to do much reading for fear of missing something!

IMG_5575 IMG_1762


Flocks of birds including corellas and cockatoos were in various pockets of the river, these were at a lagoon on our last night.


And so we farewelled the beautiful River Murray – until next time….

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