Finally the time has come to travel again. Two and a half years seems a lifetime and life has changed immeasurably for me. However, one thing that that hasn’t changed is our desire to go to Iceland for a very special occasion. A family wedding that was planned for May 2020 is on the cards again! This time the guest list has reduced dramatically and holiday plans have been shortened but the location, the tiny settlement of Budir in Western Iceland, remains the same.

Hours of research have gone into this trip. We will be driving the Ring Road and have a huge list of things “not to be missed”. We will, of course, be unable to do it all but that’s OK – there is always another time except when you live on the other side of the planet, it is not quite so easy!

Right now my priority is packing. Trying to imagine temperatures below 10C when it is hot and sunny here is virtually impossible. Then there is the thought of a journey of 23+ hours. We decided to fly straight to Helsinki instead of having a stopover in Singapore because at the time of booking there were lots of restrictions regarding quarantine and Covid testing. Now that has been lifted but we will press on regardless.

So an adventure awaits – a total contrast to life as we know it in the tropics but with the prospect of seeing different animals – Icelandic sheep and horses plus puffins, whales and Artic foxes – and a stunning landscape with waterfalls, cliffs, volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers, not to mention the incredible folklore and history complete with elves and superstitions – I can hardly wait! Stay tuned.


  1. Susan Blunt

    What fun! Can imagine how much you’re both looking forward to your trip – perhaps you’re there now – hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to the photos! Why Budir? Love to you all and safe travelling Susan

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