Leaving Fraser Station there was more – much more – of the straight road ahead!  There are a couple of road houses along the way and this one really sums up the loneliness of this part of the country


We spent the night at Border Village where the Road House also has accommodation and a restaurant as well as a fuel stop and one of the holes for the Nullabor golf challenge.  I loved the Big Kangaroo – perfect for the overseas tourists and a bit of fun for us as well!


From here we also saw the Great Australian Bight from the cliffs near the Roadhouse


Leaving Border Village we  drove the straight road until we came to the Bunda Cliffs – this geographical feature forms part of the longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs in the world.  No other continent or country can match the cliffs for length of coastline. The early morning light gave us a beautiful view which soon became really awesome.



The cliffs are some 60 – 120 metres in height and very sheer.  At different times of the day they appear in extraordinary light.  I am sure they are magnificent from the air.


A little further out we came across the Head of the Bight – which is a whale watching centre on the far west coast of South Australia. Each year Southern Right Whales leave their feeding grounds in the Antarctic region and come north to give birth in warmer waters.  Sadly we were too early to witness these magnificent creatures, but fully appreciated the excellent viewing areas this centre provides.




The road to Ceduna was long and we were well aware of “road kill” although with all the salt bush and low shrubs, the wallabies – for example – would not have found shade so we presumed that they were not around.  Then we saw this sign


So they must have been somewhere!

Next stop – Ceduna and the Oyster Trail.





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