The first part of our trip to South Australia and the River Murray was a quick visit to Richard’s home town of Port Lincoln.  A picturesque town on the Eyre Peninsula which has grown and developed over the years since I have been visiting.  From a relatively sleepy place in the early 70’s to a very dynamic and thriving community today, Port Lincoln is known as the “Seafood Capital of Australia” and is perhaps the nation’s biggest combined agricultural and fishing centre.  Tuna, prawns, lobster, abalone and scale fish are the major fishing and aquaculture industries and there is also major farming including sheep, beef and cereal crops.

We flew in by Qantas Link and checked into the Port Lincoln Hotel which is right on the bay in the centre of town.  The next morning we were greeted with the most magnificent sunrise……


We devised a little “Port Lincoln Discovery Tour” for our group which consisted of Chel and Rob, Eva and Hark and Jeff – all of whom had not visited the area before and were keen to see the tuna farms and, most importantly, visit Coffin Bay, the home of our favourite oysters.

We set off early on a short boat tour of Boston Bay and the tuna farms with Peter from Triple Bay Charters who explained the whole tuna and fishing industry, showed us Fur seals and Sea lions and lastly gave us a tasting of fresh Blue Fin Sashimi tuna.  http://www.triplebaycharters.net.au


The boat takes 8 passengers and Peter is a wonderful guide.  We set off from Port Lincoln Marina and Peter explained the different types of boats used for tuna, prawns and deep sea fishing.

IMG_0232 IMG_0231 IMG_0233

Then we headed out to the tuna farms which are situated off Boston island in the middle of Boston Bay.  The tuna are caught in the ocean and placed in the round netted cage where they are towed very slowly to the bay. They are  carefully tended each day and grow to an enormous size before they are sold and sent all over the world but primarily to Japan.

IMG_0236 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0241

After observing and feeding and maintenance of the nets, we cruised to a little bay off the island and had a wonderful time watching the beautiful Fur seals and several large sea lions – all sharing the rocks with hundreds of birds.

IMG_0257 IMG_0268 IMG_0277 IMG_0287 IMG_0295 IMG_0300


Look at the whiskers!

Finally it was time to drop anchor and have the long anticipated sashimi tasting!


Different grades of tuna all sliced ready for tasting.


And here is the prepared plate with horseradish, pickled radish, wasabi and soy sauce.


Chel, Rob and Richard intently listening to the correct method of serving and eating sashimi!

IMG_0321 IMG_0327The pelican and jellyfish couldn’t care less….


And here is the group – fully informed about the aquaculture and fishing industries of Port Lincoln and well fed on sashimi!

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