Our visit to Bruny would not be complete without exploring the very south western tip of the island and the old lighthouse at Cape Bruny. Built by convict labour in 1838, it was first lit in March 1838 and was Tasmania’s third lighthouse.  It is situated on a particularly spectacular spot overlooking the wild ocean and beautiful Cloudy Bay.

IMG_5427 IMG_8820 IMG_5429 IMG_5431


The road to the lighthouse is long and very bumpy in parts but a visit is well worth while  – walking up the hill to the lighthouse itself can be a challenge as the wind whips around the cliffs and makes standing upright somewhat difficult!  The air, however, is so pure and clean one can imagine it has blown straight from Antarctica it is so cold!


Wildlife in this area remained elusive except for the odd wallaby, rabbit and some birds.  One little creature which is quite numerous on the island and particularly in the south is the rare white wallaby.  I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw him, munching grass quite happily in front of our house.


We left Bruny on a bright but cold morning and after a night in Hobart we drove to Launceston where, to our great surprise, we found snow on the Pass.  It was sunny and very cold but quite beautiful to see the first fall for the season.

IMG_1522 IMG_5436

Then it was Agfest – the yearly Agricultural Show held just outside Launceston.  We love coming here as there is something for everyone.  I love the Craft Pavilions where there is every type of craft on display and for sale.  This, to me, is very motivating and I always come home full of enthusiasm for new projects – half of which ever get done!  The Food Hall is also very popular and the wonderful Scallop Pies – a speciality of this area – sell out very quickly.  Then there are the animals, the wonderful llamas and their beautiful wool, cattle, sheep and our favourite – the Sheep Dog Trials.  The day is always full and rain or shine, it is always fun.

IMG_5449 IMG_1554

Watching the sheep dogs perform – they are amazing.

IMG_5445 IMG_5448

I wonder how he can see!


Baby animals are always a hit


The Supertank and hints on fishing holds a captive audience – all sitting on hay bales!


Beautiful display of produce – anyone for pumpkin soup?

Just before leaving Launceston we called into the Farmer’s Market where locals buy their meat, fish, fruit and vegetables for the week.  There is even a Boulangerie with real French bread baked by the local French baker – the pain au chocolat was to die for. Together with an excellent cup of coffee this is my perfect breakfast.

IMG_5459 IMG_5458 IMG_5457 IMG_5456 IMG_5454 IMG_5453

Finally it was time to leave Tassie for this year –


Bye Bye Tasmania – see you again next year!

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