A Few Days in Canberra

Last week we flew to Canberra for a few days before heading off to Tasmania.  It has been several years since we spent time visiting the museums and wandering around the nation’s capital.  Canberra is known as the “Bush Capital” and it is not hard to see why.  There are parks and gardens everywhere, the leaves are all changing colour and falling and there is an absence of traffic jams and crowds that is so common in a city.  Keen to get to see as many museums and galleries as we had time for, we headed first to the National Portrait Gallery and then the National Gallery next door.

The Photograpic Prize exhibition was on and was wonderful – 44 finalists and a presentation of varied styles and subjects. All very motivating and enlightening.  The collection of aboriginal art at the National Gallery is amazing as well as many beautiful ‘Old Masters’ and modern art.  In fact there is something for everyone at any one time.

The War Memorial was the highlight and what an amazing place to visit.  Be warned, it is impossible to see everything in one day but we did our best!


It was a beautiful day and Parliament House was clearly visible from the entrance to the museum.


The Pool of Memories with the eternal flame is very moving and a place where one can contemplate quietly.  As Anzac Day was only a week ago, all the wreaths made a colourful backdrop.

image image

Walking through the through the various parts of the Museum from The First World War through to the current wars in the Middle East, one has to wonder at the incredible waste of lives and yet at the same time praise the courage of those who went to war to fight for their country, beliefs and freedom.


This is is my favourite sculpture  – out in the gardens and depicts true “mateship” in the Aussie vernacular.

Next day we took a drive through Canberra and out to Cotter Dam and Tidbinbilla where we learned a bit more about research into Space.

image image

And here is my sister all ready for blast off!  It was quite fascinating to learn about the preparations the astronauts take prior to going into space – from the very basic needs to food and health.  Not something one would undertake lightly!


The country side side was ablaze with blossoms and various changing colours of leaves – something we never see in the tropics.


Climbing up the Telstra Tower we had a perfect view of Canberra – how the city has grown since we were last here!

image image


And so, next stop Tasmania – via the overnight car ferry “Spirit of Tasmania”.

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