We spent the few days of the Easter break over on Magnetic island this year.  It has become a tradition for Townsville locals to flock to the island for the Easter school holidays and the place was buzzing.  It was a very social weekend and wonderful to see friends and families all come together in a community spirit.

In the early mornings we like to walk to a beach at Arcadia called Alma Bay.  Often we are the only ones there and whilst one swims, the other does yoga – what a great start to the day.


Walks and wildlife are part of Magnetic island culture and during the cooler months we enjoy the interaction with nature.  This weekend was no different, although the weather is still hot and muggy.  Tourists and children love to go to the rocks at Arcadia and look for the little rock wallabies – some of which are bold enough to approach if you have fruit, vegetables or the wallaby pellets you can purchase in the local store.  Jacqui had an assignment to photograph these cute creatures and so, armed with cameras and wallaby pellets we set off to see what we could find.


They didn’t disappoint and even managed to pose for us before scampering away.


The children came over for a day and instead of giving them lots of chocolate eggs, I decided to present them with craft and a soft bunny along with some baby eggs.  This was a great hit, although they did hide themselves in a cupboard to devour all the eggs before they were caught out!

image image

Easter is all about chocolate – and lots of it! We pretended not to notice the eggs had gone!  Later I was asked to bring a dessert to a luncheon we were invited to on Easter Saturday and not being known for my creative abilities in the sweet department, I was somewhat dismayed.  However, after a little research and a lot of positive thought, I managed to created this delicious Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake


It turned out exactly as the picture, was easy and fun to do.  I was also complimented many times but the thanks have to go to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese website for the inspiration.  Go to: http://www.philly.com.au

Finally the few days came to an end and it was time to go home – but not before another lovely sunset from the deck with wine and nibbles!


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