It’s Friday again – time for another photo and for me to keep to my routine!

Let me introduce you to a magnificent old lion we called “Duncan”.  We came across him on a morning drive in Zambia.  He was reclining in the shade with his bevy of females and a few cubs.  It was hot and they had just finished feeding on their kill earlier so were lying around just like household cats very full and very satisfied.

Duncan was keeping watch and as we approached he just looked at us with a mixture of curiosity and disdain.  The first feeling I had, being so close to this wild creature, was one of terror, after all what was to stop him leaping into the vehicle which was completely open?  Then I looked into his eyes and saw trust and immediately I felt drawn to this lovely old boy.


Then he began grooming one of his females – look at the ecstasy on her face


In the evening we went for another drive, it was getting dark and we could hear what sounded like a cough.  It was Duncan making his roar to the wild, letting all the other creatures know he was there and this was his kingdom.

Even today I think of him often and hope he is still around but the bet his he has been replaced by a younger, more virile lion and left on his own.  Sad – but that is Mother Nature.

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