Why Am I Here? You May Well Ask!

Hello from Down Under!

This morning I saw this Blogging Course was mentioned in a feed I read daily about Genealogy.  As I had good intentions some time ago and actually set out and made a masthead with WordPress but never put any words onto the page – I thought it would be a good idea to start all over again and learn more about the World of Blogging  at the same time.

So, here is my first page!  I live in the tropics which suits me well as I was a “Colonial Kid” brought up in Hong Kong in the days when it was a British colony.  I went to boarding school in England and travelled a lot from a very early age, hence my love of travel which I have been lucky enough to do all my life.  Photography and photojournalism are hobbies I have spent hours indulging in with limited success. Memoir writing and social history are also passions.  I have worked in tourism in positions such as flight attendant, tourism marketing, tour guiding, interpreting and running tourism information centres.  If you love where you live, it is easy to be enthusiastic about promotion.  It is also wonderful to meet people from all over the world who are eager to experience what the region has to offer.

Reading, craft, music and the animal world are my hobbies as well as my daily yoga practice which brings a balance to my life.

I have a wonderful family and look back on my life with few regrets.  Life is a journey and I would like to document the ups and downs, the lows and highs and most of all remember and reflect.  I have many pages of life writing written over the years and this blogging is probably a way for me to make sense of all that.

Why should others want to read my blog?  I have no idea ! I started a blog on another site seven years ago which was primarily for friends and family to follow our travels at the time.  I loved writing it, they enjoyed reading it and It is great to look back on. Now I would like to become more disciplined and write more regularly and who knows, perhaps find more like people out there in the blogging world.

4 thoughts on “Why Am I Here? You May Well Ask!

  1. Ella

    Ally my Sweet, I have finally got around to reading your blog which I adored. It was as if we were sitting talking together, I could hear you telling me all these stories about your travels. The photos are also excellent. Bravo as the French say, c’est geniale. Why oh why, or how oh how, have all these days, months and even years slipped by without me seeing more of you. Je le regrette très sincèrement Ally, maybe it’s not too late to catch up a bit. Big big Kiss Ella

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